• Do I need to book an appointment to come and view the home?

    No. You can turn up at any time during the day and we will be happy to show you around and talk to you about our services. If you would prefer to speak to the management team or have any specific questions you would like us to answer at the time of your visit, please feel free to give us a call and we can ensure someone is available to discuss this with you. Please keep in mind that between 12-2 we will be serving lunch and you may have a wait to be shown around.

  • Is there a library service?

    At Primrose Bank, we have a well-stocked library which residents can access at any time, take away as many books as they like, and return them whenever they finish. If there’s something specific that you would like to read, we can arrange for the home library to visit from Poulton.

  • Can I have a phone line in my room?

    Yes. There are currently a number of residents who have their own phone line. If needed, we can help you make arrangements for an individual phone point.

  • Do I need a TV License?

    No, Primrose Bank is covered by it’s own ‘ARC’ TV License for all resident’s and communal areas. All bedroom’s have their own television and there are many larger sets around communal areas in the home

  • Do you have a hairdresser?

    Yes. A little pampering makes everyone feel good, which is why our hairdresser is on site every week. Bev offers a full range of services including cutting, blow-dry, sets and perms. Hairdressing services are offered for both ladies and gentlemen. Bev would be more than happy to talk to you about your hairdressing requirements, she is very experienced, fully trained and insured. She works out of our fully equipped hair salon on the first floor. You are also welcome to keep your own mobile hairdresser, who is free to use the hair salon when available. We are also happy to help arrange transport to a local salon for you if you prefer.

  • Do you offer daily newspapers?

    We have newspapers delivered for the communal areas. You can also have papers delivered to your room for your personal use from the local newsagents. Please talk to Jenny to arrange this

  • What time do I have to go to bed?

    When you want to – this is your home and we will encourage you to behave as you would have done if you were still living unsupported. This includes making your own decisions about the structure of your day.

  • Will fees change?

    To cover inflation and other predictable cost increases, fees will increase in January each year. The only other increases payable will be any voluntarily choices to stay in a higher priced room, or if, upon assessment, care needs have changed materially, in which case we will discuss any changes to fees with you as early as possible.

  • What kind of rooms are available?

    We have a number of rooms available. Both Standard rooms and Suites are split between the ground and first floor, with the first-floor rooms accessed via our lift. If you would like to view our rooms, please give us a call to book an appointment and we can make sure someone is available to show you around.

  • Can we bring in furniture from home/our loved one’s home?

    Yes. It is important to have familiar surroundings so we encourage residents to hang photos, bring their most cherished possessions and make the room theirs. We require all electrical items to be portable appliance tested and will conduct fire risk assessments on any furniture.

  • How do I know if I or my loved one is ready to make the move to a care home?

    Realising yourself or a loved one can no longer live at home independently is a difficult time. Deciding to make the move requires a lot of preparation and thought and is a very personal choice. Discussing the options with family and loved ones, as well as your doctor, is an important part of the process and will help you decide when the time is right. Residential Care is not for everyone, but we offer Senior Day Care and short breaks so that people have the option to come and see what they think.

  • Are all residents given an individual care plan?

    We carry out a series of assessments on every resident who comes to live with us – these are done before they arrive, in order to ensure they receive the very best tailored care from the start.

    Once the assessments are finished, we create a person-centred care plan which sets out exactly how staff will meet an individual’s needs – this is a process which family and friends are encouraged to be involved with. We review our care plans on a monthly basis and update them if/when anything changes.

  • When can my family and friends visit me?

    At any reasonable time of the day or night. We have no visiting hours and you are free to entertain your visitors whenever you wish. This may be in the privacy of your own room or in the communal areas of the home. When visitors call, we will ask you if you wish to receive them before showing them to your room. We also welcome family to stay for a meal and eat with their loved one and encourage family and friends to take residents out when they can. At times we may have to make temporary changes to our visiting policy and during these times we will communicate with you the reasons for the change and what the changes look like. We will make every effort to make sure you are able to continue regular contact during these times.

  • Does your room have a secure place to lock valuables?

    Yes, every room has a lockable drawer in the bedside cabinet.

  • What arrangements are there for attending religious services?

    We currently have a monthly service with a vicar from the Church of England and regular visits from The Roman Catholic Church, however we will support any residents from any denomination and can assist with making arrangements to get you to your place of worship should you wish.

  • Can I keep my own GP?

    This depends on the Doctor. If you are a local and have a local GP then there is no problem. However, if you have moved into the area, then your GP is unlikely to be willing to travel to see you and you will need to register with a local GP. Staff will be happy to assist in this instance.

  • Do you cater for different dietary requirements?

    At Primrose Bank we can cater for any dietary requirement. We have many years of care catering experience in our kitchen, and can cater for any religious, cultural or medical needs. We produce a varied and nutritious daily menu with many options and also varied snacks. Our chef’s are happy to meet with you to discuss your dietary needs and work with you

    Texture modified diets can be catered for at any IDDSI level. We can arrange SALT assessments and we have care and catering staff trained to EDSCF level 3.

    We are happy to cater for Vegetarians and Vegans and proud to sign up to the ‘V for Life’ memory pledge and UK List.

    We are also adept to catering gluten free diets for those with coeliac disease

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